planting for today and future generations

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Planting Project Criteria

In choosing which planting projects to become involved in, and(or) to make grants for, GF assigns the highest priority to projects which best satisfy the following criteria:

The project:

  • a. must provide significant public benefits and only incidental private ones.
  • b. is unlikely to be conducted without GF’s involvement.
  • c. helps GF to achieve a desirable diversity among its projects.
  • d. has education or demonstration value.

The location:

  • e. must be one through or by which significant numbers of Helena area residents regularly pass.
  • f. currently lacks adequate and sufficient trees and shrubs.
  • g. is one to which Helena area residents have access, and which is visible to the public.

The planting:

  • h. is conducted in accordance with a landscaping plan.
  • I. includes primarily trees.
  • j. uses plants and techniques appropriate to Helena’s climate and conditions.
  • k. will be aesthetically pleasing and increase the attractiveness of its area.
  • l. includes an irrigation system, or has a realistic long-term watering plan.
  • m. will be adequately maintained and relatively long-lived.

In considering requests for grants, the following additional criteria are applied:

  • n. the proposal asks for assistance from GF that is feasible, given its resources.
  • o. the project’s expenditures, including the prices to be paid for plants and materials, are reasonable.
  • p. the property owner is able to meet GF’s requirements for cost-sharing.
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