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March 2019 Newsletter

The next meeting of Growing Friends will be:

7:00 p.m., Thursday, March 7, 2019

Room 309, City-County Building, 326 N. Park Avenue

It just goes to show – you can’t trust a groundhog. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring. I bet he is back in his hole.

You can’t trust garden catalogue companies either. Here it is below zero, with snow nearly up to the eaves, and no hope for a change in the weather in sight, and yet the seed catalogues are already arriving. Soon it will be the official start of Spring. Hah! It will take weeks for the snow to melt, but it can’t happen too soon for me. However, if you like privacy, you must be in “seventh heaven.” You can barely see your neighbors’ houses, or cars coming around street corners, or . . . well, you get the idea. And, finally, we have disproved the old adage that it can’t snow when it is below zero.

At this week’s meeting the Board will discuss planting projects for the upcoming season. So far, we are looking at landscaping for the proposed Front Street upgrade and at plantings along West Main where road work was completed last year. We, as always, are advocating for more trees. If you have any suggestions for projects, please let us know. To reverse and revise an old saying: “if you’ve got the ideas, honey, we’ve got the money.”

At a rarely held February meeting, the Board adopted a budget for 2019.

Having all the new board members who were elected last Fall is certainly paying off. And even with that expansion, there is still room for more. Several of the veteran Board members have indicated they are ready to retire. They will need to be replaced (although as one of them I should object to that word – of course I can’t be replaced, but someone could be elected in my stead ☺). We have identified some additional candidates, but if you are interested please let us know.

The annual members meeting will be held later in the Spring, so there still time to” throw your hat in the ring.” The best-kept secret of Growing Friends is that this particular ring is as big as you the members want to make it.

It is the Board’s goal to have solid plans for the Spring planting season by the end of its April meeting. And it is the Board’s fervent hope that the snow will have started to melt by then.

Bob Throssell, President


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