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Boulevard Trees and Other Street Safety Measures

Our Suggestions for Sight Distance Triangle and More

Boulevard trees are in trouble, and not just from old age and bugs.  City staff and consultants have suggested changes in city ordinances and the way those are enforced that would seriously limit planting or replacing boulevard trees.  They say the issue is safety.  However, the accident data say, not so clear.  You can read about it in our proposal for a study of trees and accidents.

Nothing came of the study proposal but last November, after the election, the City Commission was given a draft ordinance that covered all sorts of tree planting issues.  The changes were drafted hurriedly, with no time for public input.  Even so, the Board felt there were constructive changes in the draft ordinance and that we should respond.  We came up with a list of suggestions that, if taken as a package, would have room for both trees and safety.

That package of suggestions on ordinances, standards, and practices was submitted to the City Commission early in April 2018.  (You can link to it  here.)  Now we wait for the City Commission to decide what priority it wants to set on this.  Stay tuned.  We’ve been through this before, back in the mid-90s, when the sight distance triangle ordinance was up for major revision.  Growing Friends was involved then, too, and that came out well enough.

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