planting for today and future generations

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Winne Planting 7In addition to its planting programs, Growing Friends educates the public and decision makers, and encourages and assists local government.

These activities have included*:

  • Memorial Tree Program*
  • Boulevard Tree Program*
  • Grants Program
  • Annually placing a “tree care” insert in the City’s water bill mailing*
  • Sponsoring Arbor Day plantings
  • Assisting local government – in the development of ordinances and tree-funding mechanisms.
  • Publishing “Putting Down Roots” – a 64-page tree selection and care handbook for the Helena.
  • Co-sponsoring Trash For Trees – a semi-annual recycling event (1990-2011) which Growing Friends organized for 20 years*

*denotes programs that are currently on pause, retired or has changed over the past few years